Protect yourself from burns and streamline your smoking experience with the SoloPipe

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We all have our vices, and if smoking is yours, you probably already know the risks. So if you're firm on getting a quick puff now and then, you might as well streamline your smoking experience, and this self-igniting SoloPipe could satisfy your guilty pleasure.

If you're ready to take your smoking to the next level, here's why you should consider the SoloPipe. Unlike other smoking paraphernalia, this unique tool takes the worry out of trying to find someone to give you a light or to carry one around yourself (and inevitably contributing to a landfill). The refillable and adjustable butane lighter offers a robust and reliable spark for all of your favorite vices to give you a good, clean pull. It also uses run-of-the-mill butane, so there's no need to order fancy pipe liquids that break the bank. Depending on how you want to smoke, you may adjust the flame, whether with an intense flame or a slow burn. 

Another of the SoloPipe's unique features is the SoloBowl, which is essentially a bowl built right into the gadget! This nifty pocket lets you heat the herb of your choice evenly, so you shouldn't experience a smooth drag on one pull and a burned mess on another. 

We love the SoloPipe because it's highly compact, making it easy to take anywhere. With a simple, sleek, and timeless design, you'll never feel too much weight coming from your new favorite pipe. Just throw it in the protective case and prepare for whatever the day brings. 

Just a note: while we know there are so many things you can grind up and smoke in 2022, please remember that laws and regulations for certain plants vary from state to state (for now), so check out what's going on in yours before you light up something questionable.

Get the SoloPipe Self-Igniting Pipe (2-Pack), which includes two of everything (protective case, poker, brush, mesh screen, and SoloBowls) for $99.99 (Reg. $199).

Prices subject to change.