Locksmith is the lyricist rap sorely needs

There's a lot you can say about modern rap music- and some of it might be good. Despite how much I enjoy the contemporary Hip hop the kids are listening to(the new Future Album is crazy, folks), there's definitely a deficit in rap rooted in truth or deep lyricism. We just got a new Kendrick Lamar album, and- due to his irregular release schedule-we're probably going to have to savor that one for a while while we wait for the new J. Cole.

Unless you're interested in rooting through the underground to find rap that satiates your intellect, it's hard to find conscious rap. However, that's why I'm here, guys. I do the leg work for you.

In the video linked above, I present to you, Locksmith. In my opinion, there are few conscious rappers that marry impactful lyrics with banger beats that soothe the id, but Locksmith does it effortlessly. The song is called famous, and in it, Locksmith takes aim at the "clout chasing" rap culture that social media has created.