After Rep. Stefanik's "pedo grifter" comment, staffer gives bizarre translation of what she really meant

While Q's Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R–GA) was calling women at the border "illegal mothers" last week, MAGA clown Rep. Elise Stefanik (R–NY) blamed the baby formula shortage on "The White House, Dems, and pedo grifters." (See bottom tweet).

After that, it's hard to know which rolled in faster, the backlash or the back-pedaling sideshow, but here (and below) is one highly amusing attempt of a Stefanik staffer struggling to explain what the congresswoman really meant by the word "pedo" — conveniently translated as, simply, "child" — and the phrase "pedo grifter" — which, of course, as we should all know, means "people grifting on behalf of children." That sure clears things up.

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