Biologists rescue rare 400-pound stingray

Earlier this month, a group of fishermen in Cambodia accidentally caught a rare endangered giant stingray that was nearly 12 feet long and weighed in around 400 pounds.

From Reuters:

The stingray was accidentally caught by fishers in an 80-metre (260ft) deep pool in the Mekong in Cambodia's north-eastern Stung Treng province. The visiting scientists helped return the animal alive.

Zeb Hogan, a fish biologist at the University of Nevada, said finding the 180kg (397lb) stingray, spanning 4 metres, was important.

"This catch was significant because it confirms the existence of these big fish in the stretch of river," said Hogan, who led the United States Agency for International Development-funded Wonders of the Mekong expedition that wrapped up last week.

"This is a very remote stretch of river, it's not well studied, it's incredibly important for fisheries and biodiversity, and it's also a stretch of river that is under threat," he said.

I have no other commentary to offer here but holy shit, that's a huge-ass stingray.

Biologists buoyed by discovery of 4-metre endangered stingray in Cambodia [Reuters]