It's the anniversary of Tyler, the Creator's 'Igor'

Every successful musician has a character, but only a select few have a character arc, and there are copious reasons why they don't develop one throughout their careers. Whether their body of work can't substantiate their relevance or they remain stagnant in their presentation, the music industry has several "flat" characters that round out its bloated roster. However, Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator, does not possess this problem. 

Tyler's evolution from the rebellious and eccentric leader of a skate rap collective that rivaled the Wu-Tang Clan in member depth to an eccentric and sensitive gay man that shattered rap's rainbow barrier has been the oddest journey to witness. One thing hasn't changed throughout Tyler's evolution: his music has remained peerless in the rap genre. No artist in Hip hop can maneuver through soundscapes like Tyler, and his chart-topping, Grammy-winning album Igor showcases his unfiltered artistry most poignantly. 

Although I'm partial to Flower Boy—the album where Tyler comes out of the closet—Igor not only expands on the revelations about his sexuality but broadens his musical range.