The Beatles' "Let it be" is 52 years old

In many ways, The Beatles are still the standard by which we judge musicians. Whether we're talking about sales or cultural impact, every major chart-topping artist will inevitably be tethered to the Fab four one way or another. This concept even applies to former Beatles themselves. I doubt that Paul McCartney receives as many questions about his time in Wings as he does the Beatles.

Part of what makes the Beatles so enduringly iconic is their many distinct phases as a band. The more consciously psychedelic and experimental era of the Beatles(post-Rubber Soul) is generally regarded as the band's best period, but I personally think their early sound is timeless. However, that doesn't mean I don't vibe with their later work. 

On May 18, 1970, the Beatles released their final album, Let it be, in the U.S. to tremendous fanfare. And while Let it be might not be my favorite Beatles album, it does have one of the best Beatles jams ever: Across the Universe.