The first trailer for the Predator prequel is here

The original Predator is one of my favorite movies of all time. Whenever I catch even a slight glimpse of the flick or a meme inspired by it, I have no choice but to hit a few pushups to match the unbridled machismo that the movie exudes. I don't make the rules, folks; I just follow them. 

Unfortunately, no matter how much reverence I hold the first film in, the sequels—albeit fun in their own right—have never reached similar peaks of cinematic excellence. 2010's Predators had potential, but it didn't capture the magic of Dutch's valiant battle against the universe's true apex-no pun intended- predator. 

Hopefully, the new Predator prequel will break the streak of mediocre films in the franchise. The trailer, linked above, focuses on a pair of indigenous Americans as they valiantly square off with the Predator. Even though I have a feeling this movie will be underwhelming, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least intrigued by the premise.