Madison Cawthorn's poor excuse for losing the primary is exactly why he lost

Madison Cawthorn (R–NC) — Trump-backed loser in last night's congressional primary race — seems oblivious to the long list of lies, transgressions, and embarrassments over his last two years in office. Instead, he blamed his loss on a "coordinated strike" by the GOP.

When asked by a reporter, referring to the recently leaked videos of Cawthorn, "What can you say to those constituents who maybe have lost some confidence in you and are looking for some other kind of leadership?" he took no responsibility for his ongoing reckless behavior. (See video below.)

He made no mention of his two recent charges of driving without a license, two speeding tickets, two citations for trying to slip a gun (loaded at least once) through airport TSA security, or the fact that he's been an all-around white nationalist unpatriotic creep during his nearly two years at the Capitol.

Instead, he did what all crooks do when caught in a bad situation: he pointed a finger at his accomplices.

"There's been a coordinated strike carried out by, really, kind of the old establishment wing of our party. And it's really something that I think is a loser's mentality." Yep, now just point the other finger at yourself and you'll get it right.