Watch cute toddler riding a fantastic backyard rollercoaster his dad built

Scott Brazelton, a Southwest pilot in Colorado, built an amazing candy-colored rollercoaster in the shape of a plane for his adorable three-year-old boy, who wanted to "go fast." And watching the excited toddler take it for a "flight" is nothing short of pure joy.

From the Storyful YouTube page:

West's father, Scott A Brazelton, told Storyful he came across a video of a retired aerospace engineer who built his grandkids a rollercoaster and reached out to him for help. Brazelton said he built a first rollercoaster for his eldest son Wyatt, and wanted to "be fair to my second son, West, and build him a rollercoaster too."

When Brazelton asked West what he wanted the rollercoaster car to look like, he replied, "A Southwest plane!"

Thumbnail image: Jurie Maree / shutterstock