Check out this battle rap between a teacher and his student

Rap battles aren't too dissimilar from stand-up comedy. So much so that certain scenes in the comedy world have begun to craft their own roast battles that mimic the form of rap battles. Even so, nothing will ever top an old-fashioned sparring session between two wordsmiths. Although rap battles of modernity aren't as stringent on the concept of "freestyling" as yesteryear's bouts, they're still unbelievably thrilling. One could even argue that allowing competitors to prepare lyrics for their opponents makes the matches more exciting than a purely impromptu verbal battle. To that end, the rapper with the best command of the English language and wit is almost always guaranteed a victory.

In the video linked above, spoken word poet Mark Grist—who moonlights as a battle rapper—takes on his rowdy student Blizzard. The matchup is a classic example of why battle rap is such a unique form of entertainment.