School bus monitor charged after choking a 7-year-old child, but still has his job

A 70-year-old school bus monitor in New York choked a 7-year-old boy, leaving him in pain with marks around his neck and trouble swallowing. But the monitor shrugged it off as "just playing around," according to ABC 13. Although the gentleman was charged by police and was put on leave, the school has not yet fired him.

From ABC 13:

"My child told me that a white bus matron grabbed him by the neck with two hands and choked him. Literally, head went forward, head went back, hit the seat and then my son sat down and it looked like he was in distress, like he was scared," [father] Abdul Bounds said. …

On Wednesday, Greece [New York] Police charged Alonzo Peritore, 70, with criminal obstruction of breathing and endangering the welfare of a child, both misdemeanors. …

Bounds say he believes the bus monitor should have been fired immediately.

"As a parent and as a Black man, I'm disturbed, I'm outraged and I'm pretty mad at how the Greece schools handled the situation," he said.

If the accusations are accurate, it seems obvious that an adult who leaves a child with marks, pain, and trouble swallowing after touching them should immediately be fired from their school-related job. But the district spokesperson said more time was needed to review the case.