Seth Meyers gives fascist loser Madison Cawthorn a worthy send-off

Imploding under a cloud of insider trading and serial sexual harassment allegations, multiple attempts to take a loaded gun on a plane, driving with a revoked license, lying about training for the Paralympics, lying about losing his spot at West Point, lying about his friend abandoning him after the car accident that left him paralyzed, accusing elderly Republicans of snorting coke and engaging in sex orgies, accusing the teetotaling Nancy Pelosi of being a drunk, calling Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy a "thug," calling for Republicans to threaten politicians, urging mothers to raise their sons to be "monsters," and countless other lies and crimes, North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorne lost the Republican primary on Tuesday, effectively ending his career as a young neo-fascist politician. Neither the GOP nor the Democrats want anything to do with him anymore. With that in mind, Seth Meyers gives Cawthorn a not-so-fond farewell before turning his attention to other equally unsavory characters in Trump's toxic orbit, including Mike Lindell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rudy Giuliani, and Elon Musk.