Meshuggah's new video is delightfully trippy

Metal is the last bastion of great rock music. Outside of the dark shores of metal, what passes for rock music today is basically pop music with guitars. Instead of lamenting over the death of the rock genre, I spend the majority of my time banging my head to the heavy grooves and mind-splitting riffs that make metal so awesome. When it comes to metal bands, there are few that pack as much of a punch as Meshuggah. When the band debuted, its signature rhythms and time signatures shaped the subsequent generation of metal bands. 

Now that they're forever entrenched in the pantheon of classic metal bands, one would think Meshuggah might begin to spin their proverbial wheels. However, the band consistently produces albums that reside at the apex of the metal genre. The band's most recent album, Immutable, is a testament to their skill, but the music video for their song Broken cog is what I'm focused on today. Check out the trippy masterpiece in the video linked above.