Ok Jess is a comedy music treasure

I feel like comedic music doesn't get enough credit or attention. Of all the music genres, comedy preposterously takes a back seat to almost everything else. Take Weird Al, for example. Weird Al has been a consistent figure in music for as long as I've been alive. In addition to his staying power and ability to adapt to just about any genre, he's outlasted several of the "real musicians" he's spoofed over the years. You could argue that "White and Nerdy" is a bigger hit than the song that inspired it in "Riding Dirty." Comedic musicians just don't get any love, man. 

That's why I'm delighted that I discovered Ok Jess on Instagram. Divorced from her lyrics, Jess' talent as a singer is no laughing matter. However, her comedic chops become evident once her lyrics and humorous videos enter the equation. I liken her videos to a Tim and Eric sketch, but you can judge that for yourself by watching the video above.