David Bowie's Let's Dance hit #1 on this day in 1983

Bowie's death hit me like a body blow from Canelo. The reason I found Bowie's death personally painful revolved around how recently I became immersed in his catalog. Growing up in a Black household- albeit decently eclectic when it came to music- Bowie didn't get heavy rotation on my family's ones and twos. When I finally started embarking on my own path musically, I stayed confined to Bowie's early years- which basically amounted to everything before Aladdin Sane. Once I discovered Trent Reznor and his love for all things Bowie(including the Berlin Trilogy), I became the lad that was insane for his back catalog. 

Let's Dance is one of my favorite Bowie albums from beginning to end. The album doesn't have a single skippable song. Trust me; I check at least once a year. The album's titular single is a certified banger too, and on this day in 1983, it hit number one on the Billboard charts. It's a bit cliche to say, but they don't make 'em like Bowie anymore. Luckily, thanks to the internet, they don't have to. We get to keep Bowie forever.