Listen: Xiu Xiu reinterprets the music from Twin Peaks

Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks is a tribute album by Xiu Xiu. The album features cover versions of the music from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Tracks are largely based on their original songs by Angelo Badalamenti, but are laced with experimental ambient noises and distortions. The whole album has a gloomy, mysterious vibe. It was released on April 16, 2016, and was commissioned by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art for a 2015 exhibition, "David Lynch: Between Two Worlds."


1. Laura Palmer's Theme (0:00)

2. Into The Night (5:03)

3. Audrey's Dance (10:15)

4. Packard's Vibration (14:41)

5. Nightsea Wind (18:31)

6. Blue Frank/Pink Room (25:37

7. Sycamore Tree (31:28)

8. Harold's Theme (38:16)

9. Dance of the Dream Man (42:12)

10. Falling (47:22)

11. Love Theme Farewell (54:20)12. Josie's Past (1:00:44)