Why did Duke Nukem die?

It's hard to imagine, but at one point, Duke Nukem was one of the biggest video game properties on the planet. Looking at the series with modern eyes, Duke Nukem is a crass example of masculinity, replete with dated views of women and violence. To be fair, the first-person shooter genre hasn't evolved that far beyond Duke, but there have been decent strides in video game content. Sadly, the wound that caused Duke Nukem to become a relic in the very genre it helped pioneer was self-inflicted. Fans of late 90s shooters will undoubtedly remember the lengthy stint in development hell that Duke Nukem Forever experienced. However, many fans don't know why Duke Nukem Forever took forever to drop. 

In the video linked above, Matt McMuscle's YouTube channel takes an in-depth look at what caused Duke Nukem Forever to crumble and why the final product was so intensely reviled by fans and critics alike.