Musk's tweeting fails to make his sexual assault settlement disappear

Running his mouth when he shouldn't, especially not before his revenge lawyers are hired, Elon "Pedo Guy" Musk continues to run to Twitter with immaterial hand wavery. That Musk considers eating nuts and fruit fasting is not a factor, nor are his personal airplane's details: the woman who collected $250k worked for "the Space X Fleet."

Musk does not employ flight attendants; Musk gifts horses for handjobs and the number of sexual assault lawsuits against Tesla suggests he is not an equal opportunity employer.

Daily Beast:

"Astute observers of my plane (and there many) will note that I don't use a flight attendant," the world's richest man tweeted in reply to a news story about the sexual harassment scandal, adding that "Only fruit and & nuts are stocked on the plane. I use flights as an opportunity to fast."

What Musk has not denied, however, is that his company, SpaceX, gave the woman a $250,000 payout that included a non-disclosure agreement. And he has not explained why he would have given her that money.