Passer-by can't believe busker is actually playing the guitar

In this footage, a busker's guitar solo is closely inspected by a skeptical and rather belligerent passer-by: "you're not f*cking doing that!" he declares.

The busker, with extraordinary patience, proves himself to the onlooker by mixing up his performance and even letting him tickle the strings. The man is ultimately delighted.

It's one thing to be totally ignored, or even yelled at, now I'm being accused of faking it and playing air guitar. I can't make this up. This guy was not joking. I'm not on candid camera or being pranked. I actually thought he would hit me at 2:45. Now you know why people don't busk. You need nerves of steel and the constitution of a ninja turtle to survive out there.

The entire performance is available on The Six Million Dollar Guitar's Bandcamp page, and you can already buy a t-shirt of the magic moment.