Watch Rudy Giuliani flip his lid when heckled at a parade

Rudy Giuliani, always good for a laugh, entertained a crowd when he popped his cork in New York on Sunday. (Video below.)

Triggered by a heckler (it isn't clear what was said), the disgraced former mayor shuffled to the rail dividing the onlookers from the Celebrate Israel Parade he was a part of and shouted:

"I reduced crime, you jackass!" He was referring to a time before he became MAGA's court jester. "You are a brainwashed asshole."

He began to walk away, but the laughing spectators baited him for an encore, with one man shouting sarcastically, "You're a class act."

Never one to miss a fool's opportunity, he obliged, giving the crowd another round. "I am a class act!" he shouted back. "You're probably as demented as Biden!" He then slaps on his sad smile and continues on with the parade.

Via PoliticusUSA