The trailer for Disney's Baymax! is live

I'll never understand children's properties with a staggered release schedule. Kids age faster than milk, so having a franchise aimed at them with more than five years between iterations strikes me as an illogical approach. If a kid watches your product at five and has to wait six years for a follow-up, his interest in your franchise will presumably have shifted. Take Disney's Big Hero 6, for example. 

Big Hero 6 hit theaters in 2014, and consequently, any eight-year-old that was into the flick is now 16 and probably too enamored with angst to care about a sequel. However, that's not going to deter Disney from making a sequel series anyway. In the video linked above, you can take a look at  Baymax!, the new Disney + original series. Even if the fanbase Baymax! aims to court have moved on to other media; the series is tangentially linked to the Marvel universe. That means it's practically too big to fail.