Check out this edible giraffe

You have to appreciate fine craftsmanship in whatever form it appears. Seeing the final results of human labor, irrespective of endeavor, has an astonishing ability to restore your faith in our species. Life on this planet may be harsh and unforgiving, but watching someone dedicate their lives to beautifying reality can suppress the feelings of existential dread that pervade daily life. I especially love seeing people express their creative prowess in the culinary field. Food nourishes the body, whereas art feeds the soul. The fusion becomes a powerful antidote to life's uncertainty when the two combine. That is until we snarf down the beautifully arranged snack.

In the video linked above, a master chocolatier uses his unique confectionary skill to erect an edible giraffe. Even though I gave the whole video away in the preceding sentence, watching the piece "come to life" is something that you have to witness for yourself.