Fake chef trolls TikTokers

Judging from the TikTok comments half the people are in on the joke, but the other half are outraged that Chef Scubes gets every international dish he makes wrong.

Here's his recipe for "Donor Kebap":

Today we're in Turkey making their national dish donor kebap. Turkey got its name from the turkey bird which originated in Turkey and Ki-BAP is the Turkish word for sandwich. Start with a warm pita and Turkish mayonnaise. Then add deli mustard, your turkey and sprinkle with paprika. I'm Chef Scubes. I hope my kitchen tips make you a better cook

Comments from people who feel the need to correct Chef Scubes:

  • "That's now how you pronounce kebab"
  • "turkeys came from America not turkey"
  • "that is absolutely Not how you make it"
  • "bro there ıs not a single ınformation in this video"
  • "Turkey actually doesn't gets it name from the bird. It's name means "'The Land of Turks'"
  • "The bird did not originate in turkey, it's native to North America"
  • "That's nowhere a Döner Kebap"

Others are hip to what's happening:

  • i am turkish and can confirm this is correct
  • just like how my mom makes it… well done my friend
  • omg im turkish and i eat this every lunch