Fans of outrage show outraged

Fans of a show that exists to outrage people were outraged today when the show played host to a nationally renowned horrible person and allowed them to hawk a book.



Both fans in the studio and watching from home were furious with Tuesday's guest on The View, Kellyanne Conway. The former Senior Counselor to Donald Trump appeared on the daytime talk show today to promote her new memoir, but Twitter doesn't seem to be lining up to preorder copies anytime soon.

Conway's feature on The View stirred up plenty of criticism on social media, where viewers shared their disgust with the day's guest, and others asked why she had even been invited.

"Why did they invite KellyAnne Conway on here," one asked, while another questioned, "Why have this woman on? She won't answer a question, she's insulting, she's lying. Same old Kellyanne."