Uvalde, TX elementary school shooting: conspiracy trolls say it's a "psy-op"

The conspiracy trolls are already out, calling the Uvalde, TX elementary school massacre a "psy-op" that was "completely staged," and saying it's "looking like Sandy Hook, part 2."

Some conspiracy theorists on the ultra right-wing site Bitchute don't believe the shooting really happened — they believe we are all being duped by a government psychological operation. One commenter at Bitchute stated, "The Summer of shootings is on again. Psyop's. fake events and programmed as well. Keep the people jumping and stampeding for sure!"

Bitchute is a cesspool of misinformation and utter conspiratorial lies. For sane people who desire actual rational gun control to address the gun violence running rampant across the United States, this is what we're up against. This, and the scores of Republicans who voted consistently against gun control who are currently taking to Twitter to spread their thoughts and prayers.