What are Tarantino's three desert island movies?

I love hearing people's answers to the desert island game. If you aren't familiar with the concept, you ask someone what three items they would be marooned with on a desert island. Depending on what perimeters you set, the question can encompass any object or veer towards something more specific. Generally, the latter option is reserved for a player that possesses compendious knowledge in a given field. For example, whenever I encounter another comic book aficionado, I usually employ the desert island game to see which books they hold in the highest esteem.

You could just ask for the person to list their top three (insert media or subject here). Still, I find that by veiling the question under an exciting scenario, people tend to approach their answers more intentionally. In the video above, Hollywood's most prominent movie nerd, Quentin Tarantino, lists what three movies he would bring to a desert island.