Enjoy a collection of grindhouse trailers

Even though I wasn't there, I miss the 70s. There's nothing about the era that doesn't appeal to me. Comic books only ran you about 70 cents, George Carlin and Richard Pryor ruled the stand-up world, and punk rock and rap were born only a few years away from each other. Barring all the brilliant pieces of pop culture I mentioned, nothing makes me crave living in the 70s more than the era's explosion of grindhouse cinema. As much as I love "artsy films," you get a palpable glee while watching pulpy, grindhouse masterpieces designed to satisfy your primal desires.

The closest I can get to watching grindhouse fare is Tarantino's filmography in modernity. However, thanks to YouTube, I can watch a sea of trailers from the grindhouse era that help me replicate the 70s experience. Check out some trailers for the trashiest and most exciting movies in the video linked above.