South Florida county launches big operation to find sunken cars with bodies likely inside

In south Florida, the Broward Sheriff's Office dive rescue team is busy with a new operation to find and recover sunken cars from the various waterways in the region, including the swampy Everglades. Right now, the team is working with another police department's divers in Sailboat Lake where they expect to find eight or more vehicles, potentially with bodies inside. Yesterday, they dredged up a Bentley but it was empty.

From Local 10:

We know that for any number of reasons those vehicles are there. Whether it's an environmental hazard to have them down there — we certainly know they're not supposed to be there, so they could be stolen, vehicles that were used in a crime," [Broward Sherriff's Office diver Alexander] Beer said[…]

The underwater cars were first discovered by Alison McManus, who started the nonprofit called "Guardians for the Missing" after her nephew vanished in 2006.

His body was found months later, submerged in his car.

image: Broward Sheriff's Office