Superman's history through animation

Being a modern fan of Superman isn't great. Outside of navigating the hailstorm of hatred the character generates, you have to make peace with the fact that Warner Brothers' execs can't figure out how to make Superman media work. Meanwhile, Batman is flourishing on the opposing side of the DC universe. Batman has more movie franchises than every other superhero and has an endless array of creators that want to adapt the character in every form of media.

The common response is that Superman just doesn't connect in the modern era. To which I have to say, "fat chance."

Until WB realizes that Big Blue is as relevant as he's ever been, we Superman fans will just have to be content to relive the greatest hits. In the video embedded above, take a walk through the Man of Steel's many incarnations across the medium of animation. Maybe we'll get a new addition to the compilation in 20 years.