This mystery box is a gamer's dream and it's on sale for $99.99

Great gaming goes so far beyond the game itself or the console itself. How's the sound quality? You might care to know, especially if you're competitively gaming online and talking trash to your friends. How's the lighting on the screen and/or room you're gaming in? If you're a streamer, you want to make sure your fans can see you. And how do your latest gadgets compare to your fiercest competitors? You do want the best of the best, after all.

The Tech Mystery Box, currently 28% off for $99.99, contains five surprise items to make a gamer's day, month or year. Said gamer could be you, your spouse, your sibling, your parent, your friend, a coworker or anyone else you know who'd enjoy handcrafted gaming gifts. 

These items are curated and chosen with care and are sold at a considerable discount in this unique bundle. And unique is not an understatement.

"This was great!" wrote Jennifer A., a recipient of the Tech Mystery Box who gave it a five-star review. "Wireless headphones, a color changing light for the bedroom, and a remote control helicopter!"

The options are limitless. Perhaps you'll receive a new headset, surround sound speakers for your gaming TV, customized controllers, 3D glasses, or a portable gaming monitor. The mystery is half the fun — especially when you know you'll be getting some cool stuff no matter what.

This $99.99 investment will bring you, or the gift recipient, hundreds of dollars worth of gamer bliss. Add some surprises to your life (or the life of someone else who loves gaming) and get this great deal on the Tech Mystery Box for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.