The ultimate gift for any 'Star Wars' fan is here

You know how some movie lines are so iconic, you have to actually imitate the actor's voice when you quote them? Think "I'll be back" from "Terminator" or "My precious" from "The Lord Of The Rings." That's how we feel about "Luke, I am your father" from "Star Wars" (and basically every other phrase Darth Vader uses).

That's why the Star Wars Electronic Helmet with Voice Distortion is a must-have for any franchise lovers. Not only do you get a stunning recreation of various helmets seen in "Star Wars" you could wear, but the helmets also employ state-of-the-art voice distortion technology so you can act out the movie lines as accurately as possible. Just push the button on the side and talk. Voíla! Your voice is indistinguishable from any Stormtrooper's. It's a dream for any role player, cosplayer, or fan.

There are different helmets you can get: Darth Vader, Darth Maul, various Storm Troopers, and so on. Rest assured that each one is gorgeous and impressively detailed — it's as close to the movie design as you can get. The helmet has adjustable straps, so it'll fit most sizes ages 8 and up. It's simple to run, too. It just needs two AA batteries to work! 

Not so interested in wearing a helmet? That's fine. There's no denying it makes for a unique visual piece. It would be a great present for any "Star Wars" collectors.

Of course, the problem with memorabilia, especially an item as detailed as this, is that it can be quite expensive. Not this helmet. While it's usually priced at $134, you can now get it for $79.99 — 40% off its usual price. For this quality level, it's more than worth it, whether you'll actively wear it or proudly display it in your collection.

You can buy Star Wars Electronic Helmet with Voice Distortion by clicking here.

Prices subject to change.