What happens when your child decides to go punk

Imagine, if you will, a world where an evil force invades the sanctity of your immaculately maintained lawn and home. Imagine a corrosive, mind-bending energy seeping into your house undetected like Co2. When this invisible force barges into your home, it proceeds to turn your children into—punks.

I say that in jest, but for several parents, that was a reasonable fear in the late 80s. Having your child become punk in the late 80s was the suburban version of watching your offspring deal or smoke crack in the hood. Which, you know, is totally equivalent.

Again, I'm being facetious. Becoming punk must have seemed like the only logical form of rebellion one could engage in during the stifling social climate of the Reagan era of suburbia. So much so that ABC created an Afterschool special (previously at Boing Boing) that helped children and parents recognize the signs that turn a kid punk. Friends, I present this gem of rare media to you in hopes of inducing a hearty laugh.