What's it like being half Black in Japan?

It's never fun being an outsider. However, sometimes you're forced to be one. Whether through employment or place of residence, everyone will occasionally feel like an outsider. The trade-off is that you can usually leave the area where you feel isolated to return to your peer group. If you're the only Indian person at your job, you can presumably head home to be around your family. If you're the only Black family on the block, you can visit specifically Black places on the weekend. However, what if there was no place for respite? What if everywhere you went, you were always going to be treated as an outsider. Even worse, what if that was the only life you had ever known?

In the video above, you can listen to a half-Black native of Japan recount his experience of growing up in a racially homogeneous country. All things considered, the guy in the video carries himself well and seems to take the whole thing in stride.