When Donald Trump speaks at the NRA tomorrow, lo and behold, guns will suddenly be banned

Even after Tuesday's mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 21 people including 19 children, the NRA is hosting its annual shindig tomorrow in Houston. The show must go on! And what better place than in an open carry state. Well, open carry until MAGA boss Donald Trump gives his speech. Once Trump shows up, guns are suddenly a dangerous thing that will be restricted from all attendees in the event hall.

From NPR:

According to the NRA, the Secret Service is taking control of the hall during Trump's speech and is prohibiting attendees from having firearms, firearms accessories and knives. Ammunition, laser pointers, pepper spray, toy guns, backpacks and other items also won't be allowed.

The Secret Service will search attendees with magnetometers before they enter the hall, the NRA said. …

The Secret Service told NPR in a statement at the time that the agency has the "authority to preclude firearms from entering sites visited by our protectees, including those located in open-carry states."

So the NRA does believe in gun control — but only when their own are the targets.