Comics legend John Byrne talks shop about She-Hulk (and the rest)

As with every MCU property, the She-Hulk trailer is causing casual fans to feign knowledge and interest in a character they knew nothing about six months prior. Watching fans scramble to familiarize themselves with Marvel characters the second an MCU trailer drops always makes me laugh. I'm not saying this to gatekeep, though. What I find hilarious is certain MCU fans' overwhelming desire to act knowledgeable prior to the premiere of a new show instead of just watching it. The show is designed to tell you about itself. 

In any event, watching all of the fan enthusiasm around She-Hulk made me want to return to the character's roots. Before John Byrne brought his Midas touch to Jen Walters, the character was an also-ran for Marvel. Afterward, She-Hulk became Marvel's resident joke character for the 80s. Similar to her predecessor Howard the Duck in the 70s and successor Deadpool in the 90s. In the video linked above, John Byrne talks about his time on She-Hulk(among other characters) and his love for the comic medium. 

She-Hulk. Image: Disney (handout)