Novelist who wrote about murdering her husband found guilty of murdering her husband

Oregon romance novelist Nancy Brophy, author of How to Murder Your Husbandpreviously at Boing Boing—has been found guilty of murdering her husband. From The Daily Beast:

The damning evidence poured in: surveillance footage showing Brophy driving to and from the crime scene, during the exact window her husband was shot, contradicting the writer's claim that she'd been at home in bed the whole time. Research she conducted on her own computer, about how to buy and assemble an untraceable "ghost gun," then the purchase of an already assembled Glock from a Portland gun show, and an untraceable replacement slide and barrel on eBay. 

There was also the cell phone data showing her traveling pretty close to a gun range that doesn't require anyone to check in to do some shooting. […] In all, the prosecution said, the Brophys were spending more than $1,000 on various life insurance policies, even when they couldn't pay their mortgage.

Womp Womp.

'How to Murder Your Husband' Author Guilty of Hubby's Slay [Winston Ross / The Daily Beast]

Image: Nick Youngson / (CC BY-SA 3.0)