Pastor Jonathan Shelley shows up at Texas city council meeting to say gay people should be executed (video)

And yet another hate-filled gentleman posing as an outraged Christian pastor reared his bigoted head on Tuesday when he showed up at an Arlington City Council meeting in Texas.

Pastor Jonathan Shelley, who runs the anti-LGBTQ Stedfast Baptist Church in Texas, addressed the Council to say he was "horrified and ashamed" that the city acknowledged Pride Month. "I don't know why we would promote disease and AIDS in our community," he said.

He also told the council that Pride Month was an "abomination" and that gay people should be executed. (See video below.)

"According to God we should hate Pride, not celebrate it," the mistaken man said.

"I don't understand why we celebrate what used to be a crime not long ago. God has already ruled that murder, adultery, witchcraft, rape, bestiality and homosexuality are crimes worthy of capital punishment."

During his three-minute religious rant, some people in the room booed, while others frequently said "Amen" in agreement with the Pastor. And the City Council members? Stone silence.

This is the same pastor who celebrated when a 75-year-old man was accidentally run over and killed at a 2019 Pride event, according to Queerty.

"And, you know, it's great when trucks accidentally go through those, you know, parades," Pastor Jonathan Shelley said then. "I think only one person died. So hopefully we can hope for more in the future."