This affordable and stylish tabletop fire pit leaves zero mess

Whether it's winter or summer, there is something so inviting about a fire. It's a great way to create intimate lighting, adds to the coziness of an atmosphere, and enhances the aesthetics of any situation. We haven't even gotten to the s'mores benefits of fires yet! But the reality is that fires can be frustrating to build: There's not always a convenient place to have one, the cleanup can be tough, and the smell of campfire lingers far too long.

The Trellick Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit from Lamp Depot is a solution to all those pesky side effects. This small and convenient fire pit is light and portable, so you can bring it anywhere you travel. Set it up outside for some additional warmth and light, or set it on your table to add a "wow" factor when it's lit. (You also can choose a cylinder or cuboid shape to really make sure it fits your style schemes.) Since it's made out of high-temperature resistance concrete and runs on standard isopropyl rubbing alcohol, it doesn't create smoke, soot, or mess — so you can really feel comfortable lighting it up, well, anywhere.

"Everyone who comes over loves it. It's so cool!" one user raved in a five-star review on the Lamp Depot site.

Just keep some things in mind: Fuel is not included, and you can only use 70%, 91%, or greater isopropyl alcohol with this tabletop fire pit. For your safety, don't move it around either when it's lit, or pour the fuel onto an open flame or while the fire pit still feels warm.

Got it? Well, you're ready to have the use and beauty of this fire pit wherever you go! It's currently on sale for just $92.99. You can get the Trellick Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit here.

Prices subject to change.