Remember that weird Jackie Chan Mortal Kombat rip off?

Success breeds homogeneity. Whenever someone arrives at a previously unforeseen brand of "sauce," you can rest assured that there will be a host of imitators. Occasionally, said imitators will create a flavor that matches or rivals the original. Take Jackie Chan and Mortal Kombat, for example. Both were dominant in 90s pop culture but were deviations from popular predecessors in Bruce Lee and Street Fighter II, respectively. The argument of Jackie Chan and Mortal Kombat being superior to their progenitors is wholly subjective, but it can be viewed as logical due to the success both have garnered.  

What can't be argued is how poorly they pair together. When Mortal Kombat was the hot new fighting game on the block, there we a slew of imitators born from the series' success. In the video linked above, there's a clip from Jackie Chan: The Kung-Fu Master that sought to cash in on the violent fighting game craze.