Save on your energy bill with this personal AC

If your bills seem higher than ever these days, from the gas you've been putting on your credit card to your mortgage rates, buckle up. Summer is practically knocking at the door, which means higher energy bills due to blasting the AC to prevent yourself from melting onto your living room floor. 

While there may not be things you can do about all your expenses, you can cut back in some places, like how you cool off. That's where the EvaChill EV-500 comes into play. This nifty personal air conditioner can significantly cool down the surrounding area thanks to its patented EvaBreeze material, making it environmentally friendly and less expensive to run than your household AC. And the best part? It's discounted to just $69.99, down from nearly $100 until May 31.

In addition to its stellar cooling power, the EvaChill's innovative design makes it a summertime must-have. A winner of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award, this little AC is incredibly portable and built to be carried around. You can travel with it from room to room at home or even bring it with you to work and sit it right atop your desk. It even boasts a built-in handle that lets you carry it around with ease. 

Using the EvaChill personal AC couldn't be much easier. Simply fill up its water tank and connect it to a power source, and the cartridge will absorb large amounts of water, resulting in cool air. In just 10 minutes, this thing reaches its total cooling capacity, chilling the air within 45 square feet. It also serves as a humidifier to make the atmosphere even more comfortable to breathe in. All the while, the EvaChill filters dust particles out of the air, improving air quality and preventing the growth of bacteria. It's no wonder the little AC has earned rave reviews online, including 4 out of 5 stars among 85 reviews. 

Get ready for summer with the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner, now just $69.99 if you order it by May 31. 

Prices subject to change.