Clinton attorney found not guilty of lying to feds

Lying to the police should not be a crime in the first place, but a jury today decided that Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman didn't do that in the first place. They acquitted him on a charge of lying to FBI agents about the source of a "tip" he gave them about Donald Trump's Russian connections. CNN:

Sussmann's telling, at the peak of Russia's attack on the 2016 election, he went to the FBI with a good-faith tip, which originated from reputable cyber experts that he represented. He separately worked on Clinton's behalf to peddle that unverified tip to the press, generating some coverage. He didn't try to dupe Baker or hide his political ties, which were well-known at the FB

It's reportedly "a major defeat" for John Durham, the special prosecutor spearheading efforts to find wrongdoing somewhere in the Trump-Russia probe. And a grim, annoying day for MAGA types who seem to have lost their pleasure at seeing politicized investigations into trivial associations go nowhere.