Exquisite photographs of America's abandoned places

Abandoned America [via] is a sprawling collection of places to explore, organized into neat galleries and themes (churches, schools, misc.) There's a podcast and a patreon to follow, offering higher-res shots and other benefits. Prints are available, too—everything is the work of Matthew Christopher, an urban explorer smart enough to keep the tricks of the trade to himself.

Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America was started to capture the mesmerizing beauty and lost history of the various derelict buildings dotting our country's landscape. First and foremost, this site is an attempt to retain the history and essence of neglected sites before (and after) they are gone forever. As our industrial sector sags and many of the social institutions that once were the pride of our country now lie in ruins, it is vital that we remember our heritage and our achievements. Abandoned America is committed to partnering with historical preservation organizations, site owners, and communities to ensure that even when it is impossible to retain an historic structure, its unique characteristics, stories, and social impact are not forgotten and can be shared with the world at large. While sites are still intact Abandoned America advocates for rehabilitation and reuse by emphasizing the cultural importance of preservation. Through gallery showings, public presentations, and published articles it is my hope to reach out to those who might originally have seen an abandoned site as an eyesore and encourage them to rethink their estimations and strive to foster civic pride and partnership in these vestiges of bygone eras – thus looking forward to a future where we can build on our past rather than erasing it.