Butterscotch stallion loses his wheels

It seems Owen Wilson, a movie star with a catchy nickname, had the wheels stolen off his Tesla. This bold caper took place in front of his home and is not particularly remarkable however Wilson has a funny nickname.


Imagine waking up, going to your car so you can go on with your day, and realizing that it doesn't have wheels anymore. This is what happened to Owen Wilson. The actor had parked his Tesla outside his mansion in Santa Monica, California on Saturday, May 28, but, overnight, someone stole his wheels.

According to TMZ, the actor noticed that "someone had stolen all his rims and tires" the following morning, on Sunday. According to law enforcement sources, the estimated cost for the stolen car parts is around $4,000. The case is currently being investigated, and no arrests have been made. However, the same outlet says that this kind of crime has become more popular in the area.