Morbius, the living meme

Hollywood will never leave any meat on the bone. If an idea has even the slightest potential to be milked dry, you can bet money that Hollywood will find a way to do so. In practice, this may not be great for the consumer forced to endure a deluge of movies related to a single franchise, but in theory, it's pretty admirable. It's a kind of "waste not, want not" mentality similar to how my grandmother, who survived the depression, would approach life. Except that Hollywood wants everything and wastes potential like a drug-addled trust fund teen.

Ever since its laughable release a few months ago, Morbius has become the laughing stock of the internet. So, weirdly, it found popularity through infamy. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Man Carrying Things shows what the meetings in Sony related to Morbius must be like now that the character has turned into meme fodder.