The big lie that just won't quit: taxpayer dollars wasted on debunked ballot harvesting propaganda

Arizona Republic news reporter Mary Jo Pitzl shared photos today from a packed Arizona Senate hearing room, where legislators and onlookers have gathered to hear a presentation on alleged ballot harvesting, which has been resoundingly debunked numerous times. The same false claims that Dinesh D'Souza has been peddling in his recent 'documentary' 2000 Mules currently are being shared on the AZ Senate floor by QAnon supporter and Republican AZ State Senator Debbie Lesko, along with Gary Phillips of "True the Vote." These accusations of ballot harvesting are based on cell phone data that simply do not and cannot show what D'Souza, True the Vote, and true believers like Debbie Lesko claim. All I see when I look at these photos are COVID and wasted taxpayer money.