This basketball-inspired pong game is on sale for $129.99

Summer is right around the corner, and that means a lot of things to different folks. You might be gearing up for camping, picnics, or pre-game tailgates. On the other hand, it's also the perfect time to invite friends and fam over for get-togethers and backyard barbecues, but great company and food alone don't bring the party to life.

Looking to spice up your backyard entertainment? BasketPong is currently price-dropped to $129.99 for Father's Day, down from an MSRP price of $150, and is a fun summertime party game tailored to everyone from former college basketball players to someone who's never even played a pickup game. 

BasketPong, a basketball-inspired backyard pong game, is the first and only thing that fuses your love of basketball and beer pong. Fill the sturdy "baskets" with water, as this game is suitable for all ages, and take the set wherever your party awaits: from the backyard to the beach and everywhere in-between.

BasketPong is easily portable, as it comes with a carrying bag, and you can change locations in no time if you'd instead move from the yard to the driveway. The set comes with two basketballs and 12 buckets. Plus, the baskets are crafted with high-density plastic. Translation: they're not heavy, but they're durable and reliable, and you won't need to replace them after just a few uses. 

It comes with a lifetime warranty and is sure to up the game of your next camping, beach, or college reunion trip.

"These buckets are very high quality and super easy to stack and set up, unlike the Home Depot buckets," wrote verified customer Patrick Kilcoyne, who gave BasketPong 5 out of 5 stars.

Basketball. Pong. Friends. Take advantage of the $129.99 price drop, and you won't regret the childlike joy (and memories of your 22-year-old self) that BasketPong brings. 

Prices subject to change.