Watch: Proud Boy in disbelief when Trump rally won't let him in because he's a Proud Boy

It's common knowledge that anyone associated with Donald Trump eventually (if not immediately) gets burned, but one Proud Boy didn't get the memo. At a Trump rally last weekend, a Proud Boy who said he had VIP tickets to a Trump rally was turned away at the door for, well, his association with the proud, far-right fascist boy group. (See video below.)

"You're telling me right now that Proud Boys are not allowed at this Trump event," the flabbergasted gentleman says.

"I'm telling you right now, any sort of Proud Boy or QAnon insignia has to go," one guard told him.

"We were invited. We were invited to be here," he said. " … Why do proud boys have to walk?"

Security explained again that Proud Boy insignia and logos are not allowed to be worn at the event, but the Boy was still in disbelief. Even after they told him he could enter if he purchased and changed into MAGA merch (but of course!).

"You're kidding me, right? The Trump campaign gave us VIP Tickets." Not only was this poor chap "fired" from the event by the former reality show host, but he was also duped into thinking there is a "Trump campaign," of which there is not (yet).

"This is really happening," he said, as stupefied as 2.9 million people were in 2016.