Learn about the odiferous corpse flower in this video

[Update 6-3-2022. Keith writes "The 'corpse flower' in the video is a 'stinking corpse lily' (Rafflesia arnoldii), and not an Amorphophallus titanium."]

The Corpse Flower  (Amorphophallus titanum) emits the stink of death and appears to have whiskers, fur, and a pair of teeth. This parasitic plant is the world's biggest flower and often grows to be 8 feet tall. its horrific odor lurs hungry flies deep into its center, where the flies are surprised to find nothing at all. The reason the flower tricks the flies with its wretched smell is so that it can cover the flies in its pollen and reproduce. I, personally, would not recommend giving a bouquet of these flowers to your sweetheart.