Watch: Karine Jean-Pierre hits Peter Doocy with the ol' Jen Psaki treatment when he acts like shootings aren't a thing

Fox's Peter Doocy hasn't lost his touch in the White House Briefing Room. As in out-of-touch, that is. When he asked one of his most incredibly clueless questions yet, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre picked up right where Jen Psaki left off by slapping him silly — metaphorically speaking.

"You guys at the White House had some very hard headlines this week about inflation and about baby formula," Doocy began (see video below). "If there's nothing new that you can point to in [Biden's speech on gun violence] tonight, did you just schedule it to get people talking about something else?"

"People have died," Jean-Pierre said, knitting her brows as if she can't believe she has to explain this to a so-called reporter. "People have died in the past couple of weeks, in particular. We had 19 kids die in Uvalde just recently — a mass shooter that came into their classroom and killed them, plus their two teachers."

Jean-Pierre then went on to educate him on a fraction of the other mass shootings that have recently taken place, including the Tops market massacre in Buffalo where 10 people were murdered and the Tulsa massacre just yesterday in which a shooter killed four people, including two doctors, at a medical building. She did not mention the 14 mass shootings over Memorial Day Weekend that killed nine people and injured 60.

I'd say even just one of the 212 mass shootings in the United States so far this year — including 27 that took place at schools — would be enough to justify a Biden speech on gun violence, but Doocy is confused on the matter. Perhaps if Fox News actually focused on the news rather than manufacturing corrosive disinformation, their reporters could stay informed and ask questions that move us forward.