A Rolex worn in the real-life 'Great Escape' to be sold at auction

There are a lot of interesting watches, but this Rolex is certainly a storied one. The pre-Daytona reference 3525 "Prisoner of War" model is already highly collectible, but the provenance on this watch is amazing.

Straits Times:

A Rolex watch worn by a British prisoner during the real-life "Great Escape" from the Nazi Stalag Luft III concentration camp is going on sale in New York.

Christie's expects the timepiece to fetch between US$200,000 (S$270,000) and US$400,000 at auction on June 9.

The watch was worn by Gerald Imeson on the night of March 24, 1944 when a group of Allied soldiers undertook the daring escape that inspired the 1963 movie starring Steve McQueen.

The steel watch with a black luminous dial and hands was "instrumental in the planning and execution" of their bid for freedom, Christie's said.